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I keep hearing the voice of the Dad from A Christmas Story in my head, “I won it! It’s a major award!”. Well it isn’t a sultry leg lamp exuding the “soft glow of electric sex”, it’s a whole lot better…my photograph Barton Creek was bestowed the honor of Best in Color at the Fine Art of Photography show (on exhibit through May 5th) at the Plymouth Center for the Arts in downtown Plymouth. I was not able to make the opening reception and finally made my way to the show yesterday and just wow! The selected work is fantastic. So much talent. I am truly honored to be included in this exhibit and blown away that my photo was deemed praiseworthy.


in the clink

I hope my puppy friend found a family.


The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out his nose. – Garrison Keillor

Wasting away a fine afternoon at Barton Creek (Austin, TX) with my brother Aaron, who is FINALLY coming to visit me soon, yay!!!!

south congress


Austin Motel

South Congress Street Austin, TX

Barton Springs


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