The Photography of Jennifer Jope


Jennifer Jope of Fig Tree Photographic is an artist and fine art photographer specializing in conceptual portraiture and wedding photojournalism.  She is a graduate of Simmons College and Boston College, where she studied English Literature and Psychology, and developed a passion for storytelling.  “I have always been drawn to the story in photographs, images: distilled frozen epochs of experience, each deeply personal and yet completely tied to the universal human consciousness.  What are the memoirs of the couple in Diane Arbus’ King and Queen of a Senior Citizens Dance?  What are the quiet thoughts of the woman wearing the pink dress in Joakim Eskildsen’s Roma Journey?”  Jope’s work is described as “romantic”, “beautiful”, “salient”, “emotional”, and “poetic.”  “Her photographs quietly tell part of a story. Like poetry, the work balances between unconcealed realities and an imaginative poignancy. The affecting presence of her work attests to the artist’s ability.”  “Flawless photos grab the viewer’s attention. Jope displays an uncanny insight into that which captivate.”  “I am in love with the details: a silk vintage dress the color of richly creamed coffee, the poetry in a rock song, sunlight stippled through oak trees in late afternoon, the grief and romance of abandoned spaces.  I am fascinated with the strange and the beautiful.”

One response

  1. Jamie Joyce (aka Provencher!!!)

    Jenny – you are one of the most talented artists I have ever met!!!!! Your eye of finding the beauty in everything is incredible!!!! I love following you on here and seeing new posts!!!!!! It always makes my day :)

    October 2, 2012 at 5:26 pm

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